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Families are beautiful . . . your family is gorgeous 

Hi there!  I'm Chau and I'd like to say thank you for visiting my website.  I'm a Documentary Lifestyle photographer located in the Contra Costa County.  What inspires me to create are the everyday connections I see in my personal life.  My family of four has our fair share of mess and chaos.  Somewhere amongst all the clutter are the memories that makes life colorful. The sound of children playing or the little pieces of toys scattered throughout the house.  It may not all be perfect but they hold a special memory. Documenting these moments in a photo is one of the best ways to preserve these memories.  

Family memories should be a story you will want to revisit and pass on for generations to come.  Let's write your story. . . 

Getting to know me:

I'm the mother of Genny (7yo) and Logan (3yo).  Let's face it their names are a lot easier to pronounce than mine.  I'm a major coffee lover who needs her one cup of espresso every morning.  I love to cook when time permits.  My favorite dishes to cook include anything roasted because it's easy and the kids will usually eat it.  My husband and I love food and will try most anything once.  As parents of young kids I can always use a vacation to anywhere.

I'd love the opportunity to connect with you.  Please come see what I'm doing on my Instagram page @chaungo15.

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